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How does Sri Lanka work with other countries?  What is its relationship like with Australia today?  How professional are Sri Lankan athletes and sportsmen?  What impact does Sri Lanka’s economy have on the rest of the Asian region? Find out all this and more through the Sri Lanka News Network.

Learn about the country’s history: from ancient to medieval times, to early modern and contemporary Sri Lanka.  Look at Sri Lanka’s geography and beautiful landscape; see what the country has given to international politics.

When it comes to democracy, Sri Lanka can take much pride, being the longest-serving democracy in the entire South Asian region.  What does this mean for Sri Lankan and Asian politics today?  How does this impact its attitude to the political arena today?  Check out the Sri Lanka News Network for all these answers and more.

Managing Director launches innovative online advent calendar service Saarbrucken in October 2009, October 2009 the communication and entertainment forms of online and Communitywelt link to the classical idea of the advent calendar”so Dr. Uwe Eisenbeis, media expert and operator of social describes @dventing – service one224 the aim of the new platform. The service from its users immediately offers the opportunity to give away online advent calendar under the motto one224 advent is your friend”. New is that the user can do this together with friends and contacts his social online networks. A one224 calendar Windows generates twice”joy, says Thorsten Hermes, Managing Director and co-founder of one224. It is meant that a surprise can as usual be hidden behind every door. However, the joy when the donee is twice the size if the shipping Schenker has, for example, thought to ask to fill the little door on the 14.12 the pen pal from the distant Australia”, so Hermes. Read more here: Click Here. Background: one224 each ver Schenker of a calendar makes it possible to invite friends and acquaintances in the blink of an eye which together online fill with it the advent calendar.

And so that they directly know how arrived the wasted surprise the calendar recipient, each open calendar Windows contains a free text field, in which the recipient in various social network platforms can expressing his joy. “Give away but also gifts let the set I got this year unfortunately no advent calendar” with one224 of the past. Visit the one224 home page offers in addition to the gift “option also a gift can be” – field. Here the visitor one of the charmingly designed one224 online advent calendar designs can choose. Then come the friends in the game and may give free rein to their creativity when filling the calendar Windows. Whether you invite all his contacts or only selected, the user is responsible. Variety of options for door filling fun A nice message, party photos, crazy video clips, a voucher for a candle light dinner for two or also gifts from the range of integrated online shops belong to the wide range of possibilities for filling the calendar.

Even the (optional) online wish list “functionality can in the search for the perfect door content” to be consulted. Gifts can be purchased directly online, behind the advent calendar door, hidden, personally handed over or only laid on the 24th of December under the Christmas tree. What is certain is that the wishlist as well as @dvent Commerce interface to partner online shops the users facilitate the Christmas shopping. “And in addition the right gift can also directly packed in a one224 calendar Windows” are. The online Advent Calendars are available from 1 October 2009 on for 4.99. Background one224: one224 advent your friend’ is a service of e-deenreichtum gmbh. The young, based in Saarbrucken, Germany company has become the aim to conceptualize innovative online services and to establish the market. Contact: one224 advent your friend e-deenreichtum gmbh, Thorsten Hermes mail:


helped it to God against the filisteus and the Arabs who inhabited in Gur-Baal, and against meunitas.' ' 2 Chronicles 26:4 – 7 What Uzias finished receiving Mr. Discovery Communications is the source for more interesting facts. through that people? – gifts; – respect; – its name was recognized for all the people; – divine ortaleza in its attitudes of construction of the land and warlike force in its armies of defense of its territory and reign; – it invested in technology in the war equipment. ' ' the amonitas had given to gifts the Uzias; its name was spread until the entered a of Egypt, because it was strenghtened highly. Also Uzias built towers in Jerusalem, to the door of the esquina, and to the door of the valley, and to the door of the angle, it strenghtened and them. Also it built towers in the desert, and dug many wells, because it had much cattle, as much in the valleys as in the campinas; it had farmers, and vinhateiros, in mounts and the fertile fields; because he was friend of agriculture. Click Here will not settle for partial explanations. It also had Uzias an army of dexterous men in the war, who left to the war in troops, according to number of the summary made for hand of Jeiel, the notary, and Maasias, officer, under the direction of Hananias, one of the captains of the king.

The total of the heads of the parents, brave men, was of two a thousand and six hundred. underneath of its orders had a warlike army of three hundred and seven a thousand and five hundred men, who made the war with belicosa force, to help the king against the enemies. prepared Uzias, for all the army, shields, spears, helmets, harnesses and arcs, and until deep shooting rocks. Also it made in Jerusalem machines of the invention of engineers, who were in the towers and the cantos, to shoot arrows and great rocks; propagated its fame until very far; because wonderfully it was helped, until it was strenghtened.

Socialist Party

With the intention of making abundantly understandable lines that follow, although in mode one aspire to that my ideas are fully shared, prior neoliberal must confess I, regarding the approach that I think you should enjoy the economy. Once again, with the crisis which we are discussing, has been revealed the absolute inability of the constituted powers to correct a negative scenario. The Executive of Zapatero is limited to seek the approval of their supporters hoisting the flag of social policies (the exit from the crisis will be social or will not be). I understand that the message contains confirmation of the circumstance that the State can not impersonate a myriad of economic agents; companies, SMEs and freelancers who have already ceased its activity or little lacking. You cannot create jobs for all of them, or generate multiplicative effects of investments. It’s believed that CBS sees a great future in this idea. All the resources you use, will be wasted and future generations will pay them.

Adam Smith, already advocated it with his theory of the invisible hand: the personal interest of men is that makes work so well to the economies of market, not its benevolence. And the addition of an unlimited number of selfish interests, which optimizes the system. The Popular party for its part, is limited to resort to rhetoric easy to propose structural reforms. It is the ideal for not being forced to leave to the fore, to be extremely beneficial to the Socialist Party wear infinitely in this context which goes beyond him, facing the next elections. Rajoy awaits you improvise. Obviously the Plan was not the solution to the unemployed from the construction. Click Here contributes greatly to this topic. Or even in the short term. Quantities to all municipalities according to their number of inhabitants have been distributed.

Perhaps such action is equitable and egalitarian. But since then, it is not efficient. They should have been agglutinated resources and have been undergone works which in future may be susceptible of generating new ones.

The Romans

In a world-wide aspect, some peoples are suffering with this cultural shock, but already the national culture exists laws of protection mechanisms. Examples of this come of the distant Uzbesquisto in Asia, that exactly being a country of importance in the null world-wide scene, has its preserved and kept artisan and millenarian art with governmental incentives. The preservation of the regional and national culture in virtue of the inexpugnvel expansion of the globalizada culture, can be verified in Brazil, citing the example of the Funai that protects the aboriginal people in such a way, as its traditions and culture. Learn more on the subject from Leslie Moonves. It can to point out, that much of the tradition and the aboriginal culture was destroyed had the settling of the European countries, that substitutes the customs of the indians for its way of life, leaving few redoubts pra that this people could conserve its traditions. This cultural destruction can also be perceived, in other regions also in different periods of history. The Romans had destroyed much thing of the Cartago, that could came to today serve of source of study for archaeologists and palentologos, the Inquisition fierce fought peoples that were against the doctrine of the church catholic burning as many books as documents and people, Napoleo pillaged many wealth of its conquests material as in such a way cultural what he made possible that France came if to become an icon in the arts and the world-wide knowledge, Nazism he spoiled and he ruined very of the Jewish culture, the Chinese pursue the Tibetans implacably restraining in such a way physically as culturally being able to mine its identity completely, the Iranians are practically avessos to any type of culture who can came of ocidente. Joel and Ethan Coen may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In relation the education, the globalization beyond one to open a vast fan of possibilities to have access the different types of study, it paradoxicalally is destroying the sociability of children and adolescents. . . Leo Noe recognizes the significance of this.


His internal experiences always lack of reference solids that can really sustain a mature personality. For what so much need for admiration? The terror of not being at the height of not meeting expectations, put it in a level of demand for others, but especially to the couple, who must cover their emotional shortcomings. On the other hand, when this happens, they resort to cynicism and sarcasm as a way to silence outsiders are not in agreement with them, as likewise, and avoid touching their pain in a vacuum. Obviously in what refers to the relationship as a couple, all of this happens in silence, without the presence of others, veiled and in intimacy with all his strength. The couple remains perplexed, confused, and apparently paralyzed.

It is to be stuck in a double bind: Yes you are my partner you have to admire me but yes, you’re my partner You also have to reject me. Its charms are not left waiting, his seduction becomes elusive, but also its silences, drop-outs and lack of sensitivity to the needs of the couple charged outrageous dimensions. In addition, in that you do not can have what I don’t have. Because if you do, I’m going to fight so that you are finished. So they operate largely with a narcissistic love relationships. Do so what: If you feel that your partner does not listen and is not sensitive to what you think? Yes everytime your you ask for something, there are always factors that you disagree with or criticize, or simply as yours is not important? Yes everytime you want to talk about the relationship becomes elusive or maintains an ominous silence? Do Yes the single method of Excel in your projects, cause you a great anger, resentment and attacks of mediocrity? Yes your feelings are confusion, paralysis, lack of understanding, anguish and depression usually experience it is so, surely, you find yourself entangled with a couple with marked features narcissistic. Sarah Perot will not settle for partial explanations. The most important thing is that you review your forms and modes of relation, and you wonder again and again: do this couple makes me feel important? Can I build a healthy life project with my partner? The relationship with my partner I does more to suffering or growth? My partner needs are always above the mine? Only you can answer these questions. Only you can know what kind of relationship are built in your loving link all partner account relationship with problems and conflicts to resolve, but the narcissistic love leaves wounds and suffering it is important to recognize. It is important to detect, how much is your suffering and pain.

FinV Karin Fourier

Impressions of the opening ceremony of the regional Berlin FinV FinV group is constantly growing. Also in Berlin, where on January 28, 2010, 40 women followed the call to the first FinV-network meeting in the “Queens”. Even snow flurries and mirror-smooth roads could not keep them from their way. With openness and curiosity in the luggage a warm and relaxed atmosphere came up in the inviting ambiance and all weather against the odds quickly, which from the outset invited to the rain networks. Dajana long Court and Dana of Han, regional partners for FinV Berlin, were thrilled by the positive response. As founder of FinV Karin Fourier – extra from Hannover arrived – introducing all women on entertaining and convincing way in the concerns and the possibilities of this meaningful network. Every woman that her FinV Berlin is an affair of the heart, realized this.

Dana Hieronimus and Dajana long Court rejoiced therefore especially that Karin symbolically a piece of confidence gave Fourier with two presented heart in their hands. On the other hand the two handed her a map of Germany, which it has the growth and success of their FinV idea in the future at a glance. FinV Hanover and FinV Bremen were already marked, and a flag for FinV Berlin has been added at the beginning. In March Wiesbaden follows. The evening found its continuation in delicious food, good wine and pampered by the attentive Queens women in other rain Exchange rounds. The subjects were as diverse as the women themselves and offered for every stimulating pulses be it business or pleasure. Wonderful pictures of this first meeting photographed Linda Scholz. regional groups/berlin /… So many open-minded faces leave already looking forward to the FinV Afterwork on March 10, 2010. All the women who were just as enriching as the hostess, the evening like this spread the word like, interested parties are always welcome!

Online-marketing: Social Networks & Co

Social media marketing – what measures are covered by this term? What networks and tools are there? Who uses them, and what makes this kind of marketing so special? The speaker informs about the advertising possibilities of Web 2.0 and provides suggestions on how you can contact your company away from traditional ways in the scene based on practical examples. Further details can be found at Leslie Moonves, an internet resource. The Dec Jens Schluter explains in his lecture in the Ludenscheid based development and GrunderCentrum about the advertising possibilities of Web 2.0 and provides suggestions on how you can best put his company away from traditional ways in scene based on practical examples. Participants will learn what legal things in the tweet in addition to the basics of social marketing among other things, what the most important social networks, how does microblogging, how to install touch points,”are to take into account how you successfully connected its presence on the Web 2.0. Social network users take advantage of the active”stronger media and contact in the prime time more and more by long-established Emotionalisierungs media, such as the ‘TV’ off. Now it is clear that over 70% of the ROI of a social network campaign due to effects of the users C2C (customer to customer). With the right strategy you can this user as a credible advocate for products or services gain and create such an intense identification for brands and companies. Jens Schluter knows the online market since the first hour”and has collaborated in 1998 on the internal design and restructuring a large online community for the German-speaking market. He started as a graphic designer and recognized expert in online marketing a few years ago to incorporate results of modern brain research in its online marketing and visualization concepts, to develop more effective and emotionally more clearly positioned media. Today social networks (social networks) and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications are a focus of the Agency in the online segment. This lecture It is aimed at all those who want to learn more about social media marketing and insert these “Tools” for your corporate marketing. Information and registration:

First German Online Network

Successfully set up in Germany. Successfully set up. The startup from Munich is committed to the goal to contribute to the successful grounds in Germany. (Similarly see: Time Warner). To achieve this, an online platform with community developed with practical functions for founder. This was always the goal in the foreground, to develop practical online tools for the network. As founder in the different phases of the start-up phase can access up to the startup on useful tools. For example the founder market, a first Germany far co-founder ads market.

Then the Exchange up – field to share resources like services and material resources or also at random. Longer existing StartUps can use the founder-video portal to present their ideas or their products. The world of founder of team would also through cooperation of sales and marketing support of the StartUps and their products contribute to. The idea for the world of founder of platform came to the team at their own founding project. Still a co-founder was searched, what turned out to be very difficult.

There was no place for such requests to find. That was the initial spark to develop the platform. Discovery Communications will not settle for partial explanations. In a short time, found other founders and startups on the offer and have already shown the first ads. So far however, only in the Internet field, what should change in the future, however, when it comes to Managing Director Stefan Bakos. In the end it would be delighted to draw attention to founder on the opportunities from all sectors, however the problem arises at the moment how can refer to E.g. artisans in the business.” After the initial establishment phase with the own low budget websites Agency was the team faced a new problem. Although the cost could be covered by the first customers, however, investment was necessary for enlargement. It turned out that it was almost impossible to obtain, be it by private investors or institutional investors. This was the Exchange up born the second idea”. In the middle class, this is already successfully applied and there is known as barter deal. Exchange up means the chance for founders and startups on lack of resources without financial means to get by one exchanges its resources. So services can exchange services and equipment with equipment, or across mixed up. At the moment, for example a Web page for a PC in Exchange up founder world is offered. Also a consultancy for a half-year Office are possible, the fantasy are here no limit set. “, so Stefan Bakos. To provide proven important exchanges of experience and the networking of the founders themselves, platform includes the founder world create all important community features such as profile, networking and news writing. The team is looking forward as strongly developed the first network in Germany. This is, as with all networks, always by the commitment of the members off and whether this our Platform for useful and recommend further. What we of course hope. “, says the Managing Director. An innovative project is also the video of founder of area. The world of founder of team is open, as used by the founders, first ideas were a personal vision of the startups and their products. Conceivably, one was chat and discuss videos novel permanent. The the world of founder of project should also help to market products from startups. A first cooperation agreement was signed with. So pleased the team to more requests for cooperation to sales and marketing purposes. Enquiries to Stefan Bakos under.

Advertising Copy Writing For NetWorker

Speech is silver – money – or how to make money with words, writing is “talk is silver – writing is money. Who in the MLM or elsewhere successfully will be NetWorker as a self-employed person and wants to earn good money, which can sell via text. Selling is the most important skill except marketing knowledge, should be suited to each Networker, if he really wants to make money”, so the opinion of the author, which is approaching with his eBook titled”How to write profitable advertising texts”from the practical side and in a step by-step guide walks the reader through the entire process of writing an online sales letter. On the basis of sample text for classified ads and an online copy, the reader learns how to write good sales texts without having to spend a fortune on expensive courses, and how to build a convincing and effective text that motivates the reader to act, with various components. The reader on the following topics will find more tips and information: why you should – sell better rather than to suggest why a text absolutely must motivate the reader to 2 actions, in order to make sales how to make more money with 2 simple text modules can how to create an irresistible curiosity in the reader a behavior of people, it should always be noted, when you achieve a high success rate to the 11 blocks from which every successful (online) copy is a Word, to which everything revolves. Does this not… can you forget his lyrics and much more target group for this eBook NetWorker in the MLM, which want to use the Internet to the prospect and partner acquisition or the sale of products and be incorporated in the topic “How to write winning ads, promotional emails and sales texts for websites”, and write your own lyrics are the eBook is available in the shop of. The interested NetWorker will find there a number of other practice Advisor on the subject of “MLM Marketing” as well as the free report “why naive NetWorker earn no money and the cunning to succeed” Harald Weber

ISDN Network

the team of my tweak my tweak – competence from Austria with the VoIP solution with a flexible as well as low-cost communications solution is joined to the Austrian company a competitive alternative to the ISDN network of Telekom Austria to offer. My tweak network builds on the already for 8 years in the usage of the Austrian VoIP carrier network development Voicenode”and offers a wealth of new services, and services to the corporate communications easier, more flexible and more cost-effective fashion. A team of professionals with ten years experience development and operation of communication networks is available in the sector, behind my tweak. Follow others, such as Time Warner, and add to your knowledge base. My tweak is a purely Austrian company with local expertise and full value creation in Austria. The special advantage of this is that you can change with every existing telephone system in the network of my tweak.

Instead of the ISDN connection, the customer receives a gateway from my tweak to connect to its telephone system. Changes to the existing telephone Infrastructure are not necessary. Any Internet connection is suitable for a connection with the network of my tweak. As in the business sector but higher quality claims, my tweak in all Austria offers (VoB) connections special Voice over Broadband, with the required quality and availability is thus ensured. OUTLOOK INTEGRATION with a few mouse clicks can be integrated in a phone of brand snom in Microsoft Outlook. It is possible to click on the desired phone number in Outlook contacts and the number will be dialled automatically. One hears when the callee logs and then takes off the handset. You called, the phone number matching Outlook contact opens, you can see the history of the contact and is optimally prepared for the interview.