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Organizational COmmunications

There have been many definitions in this regard, however, is considered the de Fernandez Collado, indicates that “the total set of messages exchanged between members of an organization and between it and its environment, also understood as “a set of techniques and activities to facilitate and expedite the flow of messages that occur between members of the organization, between the organization and its environment, or to influence the opinions, attitudes and behaviors internal and external publics of the organization, all with the latter so that faster and better meet the goals. ” According to Gary Kreps (1995), organizational communication is the process by which members gather relevant information about your organization and the changes that occur within it. ” For authors such as Carlos Ramon Padilla, organizational communication is “the essence, the heart, the soul and the dominant force within an organization.”

Organizational communication is also understood as a set of techniques and activities to facilitate and expedite the flow of messages that occur between members of the organization, or between the organization and its environment, or to influence opinions, attitudes and behaviors of internal and external publics of the organization, all with the latter so that better and more quickly meet their objectives. These techniques and activities should ideally from the investigation, and that through it will know the problems, needs and opportunity areas in communication, (Fernandez, 1999). To know more about this subject visit David Zaslav. We once again Contreras added that the importance of organizational communication lies in that it is present in all business activity and also be the permanent process that involves all employees. For the leaders, effective communication is essential because the functions of planning, organization and control only take shape through organizational communication. In Venezuela, this is very relevant, given the serious crisis facing the business sector, why the scenario currently facing troubled by political instability, leading companies to the productive sector, a uncertainty where risk, uncertainty, manifistan with a paralysis that has affected significantly. To all this he adds, the need for disaster recovery, general manager of the feature you consider the current global economic scenario, the dynamics of marketing, the effects of globalization, properly handle the communication effective. Management should analyze its structure, administrative systems, to determine if they are adapted to the requirements that this requires and take necessary corrective measures.

Focusing Change

The quality culture is essential to be competitive in a globalized world, we must increase production while preserving the best quality product. In the globalized world the manager plays a key role, will have learn how to create an environment that does not adopt the change as a threat but as an opportunity. The leader must be the engine of change. One of the great challenges of the leader to ensure the success of change, is to train followers to know what to do without anyone to tell them: that is, people acting with intelligence, independence, courage and a strong sense of ethics.

Effective followers play a crucial papes in the success of a leader or an organization. According to the respected and proven leadership scholar Warren Bennis, we stated that the successful leader must develop the following skills: – Innovative Original – Developers – Focusing on people – inspires confidence – has a long-term perspective – Question what and why? – Do not lose sight of the horizon – questions the status quo – is master of his actions yet no model of leadership has been able to reliably predict which people will be effective leaders and no university where management and leadership study has found a foolproof way to create the UC has the great challenge of creating the leading managerial skills rather than the university operates in the state of Carabobo in Valencia industrial town where managers are formed, must be able to contribute their knowledge for the business sector and support in their role..

Safeguarding Reputation

It is, in essence, live and work for the common good. Canon's story highlights how they entered the global market was driven by the kyosei. For Canon, this concept has five stages: 1 .- Make a commitment to economic survival. 2 .- Create partnerships with people. 3 .- Create partnerships with outsiders who are betting the company. 4 .- Assume global social responsibility 5 .- And be globally active. According to Kaku, "if companies manage their business with the sole aim of earning more money, they can lead the world into economic ruin, environmental and social. But by working together in a spirit of kyosei, can give food to the poor, peace to the war-torn areas and renewing the natural world.

"Business leaders who apply this philosophy assume as an obligation to build a foundation for peace and prosperity. The media like The Wall Street Journal observed that" each Again, the public says it wants to have information about a company's record on social issues and the environment to help you decide which companies to buy, invest and work. "Very interesting, when it says that in the academic world, prestigious universities and make a proposal to MIT students, guided in this regard, stating: "If you are interested only in making money, this is not the place for you. If you are looking to learn creative ways to manage complex organizations so as to help society and build wealth, that's what we offer. "In the corporate world has made significant progress in recent years, as evidenced by the Safeguarding Reputation survey, conducted in 11 markets by the firm Weber Shandwick. The survey notes that "companies have woken up against the fact that corporate responsibility is a business imperative in building a good reputation today. Definitely not concerned merely Kyosie of issues concerning how can and should change the management to Japanese style, a style that maintained rapid economic growth of Japan in the postwar era, is in fact nothing less than a form of the next operation of the new generation Japanese

Graduate In Management

There are unfortunately a lag in what is offered regarding what is required urgently need to define a new profile manager, the graduate in management, according to current knowledge that the economic scenarios, business need. According to the experience and results of our investigations, both in the chairs, as in the practice of consultant and adviser to the group DEPROIMCA, group consultant – business consultant in the industrial region of Carabobo, in the management topics, with emphasis markets, quality and productivity in the last two years in active form, we consider it important, that a radical change in the current profile of the administrator, to take into account the characteristics of the current national stage and is conducive to generate basic knowledge transformations , changes companies need at the impact of current government actions are generating, coupled interference in addition to globalization and its behavior. It should be very In a context that modern management science has developed new models, new paradigms that provide the administrator of this new vision, a new ethics, administrative tools that are necessary in the current economic scenario. Hence, they can not stay Administration Schools rooted in the traditional management theories of Taylor, Fayol, bureaucratic systems that anchor and damage in their behavior, operation, today, companies have become more socially responsible, efficient use reengineering, benchmarking, empowerment, outsourcing, total quality, customer satisfaction, technology management, strategic management, among others, that allow the Administrator to take actions, strategies, more productive, more competitive. Therefore, it is extremely necessary engage universities, schools of Directors, in order to make way for a new profile of the Administrator, more committed and integrated into the computer, to change, just consider what Margaret Wheatley (1992) notes that in organizations, not we are suffering from information overload due solely to technology, and we can escape our dilemmas of information simply by using more sophisticated techniques of computer classification. .

Resource Integration

Management has been making changes according to the requirements that demand scenarios to be highly competitive and have given way to a new management style that involves a new leadership, in addition to being proactive, visionary, creative, be enterprising, participatory and integrator working teams that generate the expected results. There have been changes also in what must be the work of this division, considering the effects generated by the technological development, national economies, the needs of consumers, the impact of the contingency variable to the rule, new openings, alliances, which have generated a new dynamic in many countries of foreign trade policy. Policies affecting the business sector, who should know to take advantage of opportunities to integrate more government programs and seek to be integrated into other economic scenarios that favor. Learn more about this with Robert A. Iger . To do this, companies must deal with another vision scope, impact the new international trade demand and can participate successfully beyond the borders where they operate. Today through openings that international trade has given way to generate new marketing knowledge required to ensure success and can not be evaded by the companies. Walt Disney may find this interesting as well.

Definitely changes are occurring all resources that integrate the company, demanding a new paradigm of knowledge capable of interpreting reality needs of current scenarios and to take corresponding actions if necessary to give way to other knowledge, adapted to the needs of each country and the behavior of the dynamics of business on the world stage. What to do? Be aware of how they act on stage companies, especially those successful low directional style with which administrative skills, that organizational culture, with everything that would ensure an organizational behavior that creates a good climate that is reflected with performance of a modern managerial leadership, able to face the challenges, generate the transformations required to make profits and maintain a high level of cohesion in work teams, backed each member with the training, knowledge, skills that are required according to behavior scenarios. Evaluate other, each resource that companies have, giving way to the necessary corrections to ensure good performance, product development, quality competitive sastifagan their consumers, generating revenue to be shared democratically with all those involved in the achievements established through fair wages. Companies should sue the schools Management professionals who are trained according to the requirements that this requires meeting all the requirements of the knowledge society demands and also integrate with the new communications features of modern computing. Specifically require the definition of a new profile manager. It must demand of all those advances in management science contributes towards defining functions to work with development, business success, knowing use all resources according to what each requires and provides for results favorable .

International Trans-personal Association

Begins with a study of human motivations that hierarchically classified into five levels: physiological, security, integration, self-esteem and self-actualization. That’s when, after a study of peak experiences, discover sixth necessity of going beyond oneself. This higher level brings together all the experiences that go beyond the individual to the transcendent, and he called trans-personal. It is the foundation and basis of psychotherapy. Also this is a new Trans-personal psychology.

It is a move beyond all the methods devoted to the self, updating of the person, the effort of self, etc. (Fifth level). This sixth level, which is the sacrifice and commitment to the realization of values and no longer a selfish self, causes a radical change. For Maslow, the first psychology was behaviorism, the second of psychoanalysis, the third humanistic psychology or the human potential movement and the fourth the trans-personal. In 1969 he founded the association of trans-personal psychology with Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Antoni J.

Sutich, Ch Buhler, Stan Grof, Jim Fadiman … Continue to learn more with: Leslie Moonves. and Trans-personal Journal of Psychology, which Anton J. Sutich will be the first director from 1969 until his death in 1976. The first movement is American and is linked to the psychologists. Then open a second movement in the world and expands outside of psychology, since what exists in trans-personal sociology, economics, anthropology, ethnology, education, business management, systemic, ecology, ethics, … Thus, founded the ITA (International Trans-personal Association) in the form of an informal network. (By Marc-Alain Descamps, trans-personal consciousness, pgs., 19-20). Many consider Jung as the first trans-personal psychologist, for his study of archetypes, the extension of the concept of libido and resistance to reduce man to his sexuality, all postures that earned him the condemnation of Freud.

US Federal Reserve

For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The oil price has partly offset its recent losses. In recent months, David Zaslav has been very successful. In the afternoon, the barrel cost US light oil (WTI) $81,50, North Sea oil (Brent) amounted to almost $83. The quotes on clear compared to Friday were launched the week lower level in the morning. The higher dollar showed responsible for weak stock markets in Asia as well as in the first place. Price-dampening effect also news from China, according to which the country wants to drastically reduce its energy consumption. David Zaslavs opinions are not widely known.

Prices rose again in the course of the day. Here, experts cite some firmer stock markets and technical resistance as a pulse generator. Unless the dollar through the monetary policy of the US Federal Reserve lowers, some analysts believe additional charges when the crude oil price possible. Because raw materials are considered good investment alternative, if it goes bad the American currency. With the last Eugen Weinberg, commodities expert of at Commerzbank, which confirms forecast from his house looks, however, declines. The recent upswing was financial market driven”have been.

“It is possible that prices fall even further: there is a significant potential for Kickback when it comes to major position-taking offsetting positions on the part of the speculative financial investors.” As the forecasts regarding crude oil prices also are ambiguous, at least the development of the local heating oil prices today is clear. The survey by fuel level and oil observations showed that the costs for the 100-litre batch heating oil EL by 62 cents to 67,46 euro has fallen. This value applies to a delivery from 3,000 litres in the national average. For the next few days, little suggests that on the existing move sideways something is changing. Most recently, it was so that the rising price of oil and the also rising dollar often compensated himself. However, it is advisable to have well-stocked heating oil tanks, when it starting tomorrow in many parts of Germany’s first with the beautiful autumn weather is over. The price level speaks for the filling. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.


Successful and forward-looking restaurateurs take advantage of checkout innovations by PosBill the requirements for modern restaurateurs are constantly increasing. The faster spinning competition and tough cost pressures by customers, the technical and temporal scope are always close. Each guest of Riesling lovers to the vegetarian extends the individual diversity of the customers demands meet its requirements, extensive, personal service. Your staff is up to these demands and can concentrate on the essentials, namely the guest PosBill developed reliable, innovative and user-friendly cash register systems for more than 15 years. The great strength of our solutions is the high functionality at the same time, maximum ease of use. Vision and intension of all action is to create POS systems, which correspond to the pulse of time and meet the needs and demands of your daily life. An example? In close cooperation with the experts from the hospitality industry, we have our new Fund innovation, the fanless and extremely energy-saving SPT-300 developed a showpiece, which enters new dimensions and at the same time meets the highest technical, economic and ecological standards. Learn more at this site: David Zaslav.

The Bill even in the most stressful situations is true, we offer also mobile POS systems. Staff mobility is an invaluable and indispensable value for the optimum hosting and the best possible service towards the customer. So, we have set ourselves the challenge and developed mobile POS systems of quality and functionality. As small as a mobile phone, as versatile as a stationary Office. We make sure that your control has everything under control and the guests feel well looked after by PosBill. To ensure rapid training for temporary workers, it is our aim to provide clear, reliable, and easy to use products. Because nothing is not the invoice in our eyes waste more annoying, and if at the end of is true. POS systems by PosBill prevent technical failures and incorrect statements and thus a considerable loss of image, service and ultimately economic profit.

Brinck Presents New BR Series

“Flush connections to screwing tubes Dusseldorf, October 2010 with the new BR-series” the Haaner specialists for aluminium joints expand your product range. The new flush tube connectors”(BR series) guarantee a flexible and uncomplicated Assembly of tubular structures like all other products of the House. The products are suitable for railings, ramps, stairs, landings, guards and a variety of other interior and exterior designs. They are both fast and easy to assemble and disassemble. Checking article sources yields CVS as a relevant resource throughout. This means time-saving and cost-effective work processes: the pipes with an inner clamping system fastened at the BR-connectors.

They are fastened by means of a set screw, a good, more flexible and cheaper alternative than a bonding process. T -, corner – or cross-connector, the new series provides a flush connections to the handrail. Pipes and connectors can be used when dismantling at any time, if for example a machine is converted or expanded. The flush connector with a diameter of 40mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm, well-known machine manufacturers in use are already several safety railings. To avoid standing out sawn edges at the pipe ends Managing Director Otmar Brinck production has consciously special value 5/10 larger interpretation of the connectors on that. Data sheets and further information are available on request at any time.

Unmodified Recruitment Standards

So far every economic crisis has had to do with management errors if it is among the outstanding tasks of personnel management, to ensure that always the right person at the right time in the right place for economic action is responsible, so the answer would be provided with a question mark. David Zaslav has similar goals. Therefore, the question arises: what has gone wrong in the personnel management and what wrong maybe always still? You may research so much after the causes and reasons for the crisis. She is not a natural disaster, but it is made of people and respond to. May be advanced even incorrect or missing rules or even a misguided economy. CVS can provide more clarity in the matter. Because they are not a product of nature, but made only by people. You so want to go at the root of all evil, it will be necessarily only people and certain people. Because who else should as people in leadership positions on events in connection with the crisis involved have been? Who could for the end of a crisis and paying their consequences so worried? Now, not every generation has more time, that the ten years or more on the damage removal could wait.

Not every following generation will be simply willing to pay off debts the generation of their fathers and a crisis to pay for, with which it has nothing in common. Which one would be in the selection procedure and criteria for positions that have kept the controller lever bracket during the emergence of the crisis. See Becker, Jorg: leadership without Klinsmann syndrome no new crisis allow, 2009; ISBN 978 3 8391 0644 0 so far has nor any economic crisis had to do with management errors. But it could be what management errors committed around the globe about all races and skin colors across almost in unison? That were concurrent Management error quasi overlap to a tsunami wave and rock high? Declaration of experimental knowledge shortcomings: it could be that it too few data have been? In a world ever more garbage-producing there should have been rather too much than a shortfall of. Could it be that still too little information as the next higher level of the data obtained from this sprawling range of data?