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Learn about the country’s history: from ancient to medieval times, to early modern and contemporary Sri Lanka.  Look at Sri Lanka’s geography and beautiful landscape; see what the country has given to international politics.

When it comes to democracy, Sri Lanka can take much pride, being the longest-serving democracy in the entire South Asian region.  What does this mean for Sri Lankan and Asian politics today?  How does this impact its attitude to the political arena today?  Check out the Sri Lanka News Network for all these answers and more.

CRM and Social Networks

Ecenta faces large challenges for the customer relationship management Walldorf, the 06.07.2010 – customer communication in social networks not only on the Leipzig call center – Conference from October 5 to 6 is a defining issue. There is the influence of social networks on the design of the customer dialogue and the requirements of modern CRM solutions of great importance for the ecenta AG from Walldorf. Cumbersome or incompletely integrated CRM solutions are brought quickly by the growing popularity of social networks to the limits of their capacity”, explains Hanno Hofmann, Member of the Board of ecenta AG. Companies that use social networks to customer dialogue, open a new channel, immensely increases the volume of communication through the. Also, customers expect here very short response times as many with social media, communication and service combine in real-time. The CRM systems need to prove here.” The efficient contact and service management that through social networks in addition is required, fails according to the ecenta AG often lack integration of CRM with the different communication channels, including phone and eMail now social media count. In many companies the different communication channels will be operated separately, and not a central source for the contact data is accessed frequently here missing, incomplete, or multiple stored information about customers. Read more from esafely to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The ecenta AG sees a solution approach in the use of common platforms for all communication channels. Social networks increase not only the volume of communications that business have to cope with. According to the ecenta AG is the combination of CRM and social media also for another reason of great importance. Reviews of products are extremely quickly in the social networks. Consumers and business customers inform themselves about companies and their services. “Accordingly, especially bad reviews quickly good news spread are bad news”, Hanno reported Hofmann.

Intelligent integration of social media into the CRM, for example, a bad review on the Internet can be detected, resulting in an automatic generation of a service ticket, which is then executed.” In addition to the linking of the CRM solution with a unified communication platform, another potential in a planned carefully and in detail implementation of the software. Others including esafely, offer their opinions as well. In addition to the Kundenkontak data, there are in the different systems of the companies”still more important information that could enhance the CRM, explains Hofmann. So, the choices are just as important as the decision for the CRM software during implementation. Only when in the course of implementation that is, to link CRM through the creation of appropriate interfaces with many other applications in the enterprise, as well as with information from the social networks, the software can help companies efficiently, to deal with the growing flood of communication.” About ecenta AG: Ecenta is a product and consulting company, located on demanding realization of projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. ecenta, due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, business objects information management solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM, and banking in the SAP special expertise, program was recorded. The headquarters of ecenta AG is in Walldorf. The global company, which employs about 250 people, also maintains offices in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, Chile and Spain. Contact: ecenta AG, Joachim Schellenberg Altrottstrasse 31 69190 Walldorf Tel. + 49 6227 73 1540 eMail: Internet:

Lower Saxony

New patrons for protection against burglary the non-profit network won home safely”is actively supported since July 2010 by an additional sponsor: Roto Frank – window and door technology Vertriebs-GmbH is involved in this initiative for the improvement of burglary and fire protection. The issue of safety”is important for Roto and should be promoted. Just the security against burglary is a concern to the industry. As producer of fittings for Windows and doors, Roto produces also burglar retardant fittings. These are tested and recorded as a tested product of the police recommendation catalogue according to DIN 18104 part 2. Thus, Roto is one of only five companies listed on the vendor list for window fittings inhibiting burglary of the LKA Bavaria.

Together with 10 other companies from industry, Commerce, and insurance industry Roto promotes the burglary and fire prevention in private households in the network home through its strong support sure”. These non-profit initiative of the police is committed to the task, for the importance of burglary and fire protection to raise awareness among citizens and to accompany them on the way to the safe at home. Already 18 police, approximately 220 specialized craft and 16 institutions from the crafts organization together with Roto and the other 10 companies provide that citizens can take this support claim in nearly 170 municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, Germany. (A valuable related resource: netspark). For more information about the network home safely “under

AdTiger Online

Web site expands portfolio of online marketer Berlin by satellite + cable, 6 July 2010 the independent online marketers AdTiger has sealed a cooperation with the renowned trade magazine satellite + cable. Thus, the Berlin could expand their existing portfolio of marketing a daily updated online service in the consumer electronics industry. The far-reaching Web site deals mainly with a focus on digital television (digital TV) and media news and reaches a well-funded target group, which buys particularly quality-oriented and like to invest in new technology. The advertising is an excellent way to reach tech-savvy multipliers, because the user of act as Advisor, far beyond the borders of the special-interest title. The Themenchannel Internet, PC & telco the Berlin online marketer AdTiger includes a total of 13.2 million visits per month. Recently esafely sought to clarify these questions.

With the online service of the magazine satellite + cable could expand this scope on high level AdTiger. Since November 2002, the magazine informs practice about all facts of digital TV, satellite, broadband and media industry. Technology fans will find extensive testing of new consumer electronics and background reports. If you would like to know more about netspark, then click here. Forums make it easier thematic exchanges among themselves. About us AdTiger is a well-established independent online marketers.

Our broad premium portfolio includes more than 600 websites. We offer our customers in addition to exclusive sites a number of Themenchannels, as well as cheap RON bookings for high range. We offer mainly a safe and predictable load the websites we market fair condition models. Learn more about the marketing portfolio under


All good so far, but how inspire confidence? This is a good question, one that quite depends on the industry in where you are and what you offer, not only as a businessman, but also as a person. If you would like to know more about Jeffrey L. Bewkes Time Warner, then click here. By for example, I am not only a networker. I am interested in the economy and the General trends, things that don’t necessarily translate directly into success in the field of online marketing, but they can be extremely useful for people who are interested in certain multi-level marketing opportunities. Therefore, give to people you are looking for. As a result of doing so, these people maintain contact with me via social media and I’m generating credibility in a niche where it is incredibly hard to do. A few weeks later, when someone is finally ready to dare to extend their skills to earn money at home, it resorts to me. What to do with the social media begins to be constant. Under most conditions esafely would agree. Unable to write the most interesting tweets from the world, but if you only do it once a month, the odds are against that many people see them.

Quality is very important, but it is also the amount. Of course, there is a thin line between a good amount of content and too content. You least want to do is use social media so much that you omit to use the other great tools available, which can help you to get new potential recruits. You will also save time through the mutual promotion. You can link your Facebook and Twitter sources so to publish in one, it appears in the other. You will instantly save half your time of publication. However, what really helps to promote this great image of expertise is as much interaction as possible with your friends online. You not only offer things, but get them questions or answers questions that have. Introduce yourself here to the highest degree that can be so they have a reason to keep returning to your site every day.

Natural Marketing Institute

But the only thing that has changed is that we have an acronym, said Joel Makower site, it records the relationship between business and the environment. In reality, there is a gap between what consumers they say that they buy and which confirm the sales returns. For example, in a study of the Natural Marketing Institute the 40 percent of Americans surveyed said buying organic when only food and beverage 2 percent of the 600 billion dollars that are spent on food and beverages in the United States.UU. it comes from that segment. Prime freq., of the Institute, attributed the gap to that, although consumers some decisions based on values, convenience and price tercian also, and much.

Anyway, there is no doubt that some segments of Lohas are expanding. In 2002, in the United States.UU., natural product sales accounted for 36 billion dollars, more than double of the 14,800 million which joined in 1998. Paul Ray, polling American Lives, says that there is an emerging subculture comprised of about 50 million people, which called the creative cultural, that they are aware of social issues, they are willing to improve their communities and to translate their values into action. These people tend to overlap, of course, with the Lohas consumers. Conclusion of LOHAS, sometimes designated Lohasians, consumers are interested in products that cover a range of subsectors and market sectors, including: Green sources of the building, green social responsible for the action of the investment and, alternative healthcare, organic food, clothing and media personal development, yoga and other fitness, ecotourism and more products. Alexander Bonilla opina, a subject matter expert believes the LOHAS do not think that is a passing phenomenon, but it is a permanent group of consumers are courted with modern methods of marketing, in a very different way is a serious and stable market (W.F.Schulz) segment. Don’t forget as indicated by Deutschland Magazine, September 2008., that the lohas reject asceticism and associate sustainability with a hedonistic element. Fred Grimm, who wrote a guide for shopping etico-ecologica, continued: many people they are increasingly less willing to consume with a bad conscience.Triggers of change in mindset can be highlighted as many.

First, mad cow disease, BSE – bovine spongiform encephalopathy – BSE and scandals with food in poor condition have motivated more and more people who buy organic products or out of suspicion of the technical processes to which they are subjected. Whenever esafely listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Before, so you had to go to a store that sold filled with Earth and wrinkled carrots potatoes. Today up to discount stores sell organic vegetables, just as there are modern organic supermarkets, as the basic string. We understood that customers wanted that came from being possible of the regional environment and food that had been grown free of pesticides, i.e. wanted products safe and biological, says Georg Schweisfurth, one of the founders of basic. And adds: simultaneously bet on a good presentation, a great selection and local modern, which they harmonize with products of high quality. original author and source of the article.

Increase Muscle Mass

If you already took the decision to increase muscle mass, you have a target clear, about what is the body you want, here you will find some recommendations that you will be very useful to begin the process of increase of muscle. When deciding to increase muscle mass, often found with the difficulty of how to start, what to do, that recommendations follow. For assistance, try visiting David Zaslav. Most importantly, when it starts with the physical exercise, especially with the lifting of weights take into account common sense, this allows you know to where you must follow without risking health in each train. Here I present other recommendations that will help you follow the road of weightlifting. Before you start any physical training plan, review your health is optimal, if possible seeks advice from a sports physician, that will help you to know your physical condition. It is important to exercise in a comprehensive manner, a good option is to combine your aerobic strength training, You can make them in half hour sessions two or three times a week. Discovery Communications has similar goals.

Before weightlifting, you should perform the exercises without load, because it allows you to master the technique and you’ll gradually increasing weight to lift the optimum weight for your physique according to the training plan that you follow. Other leaders such as esafely offer similar insights. Lifting weights, it avoids overloading as only get will physical and problems of health and does not advance the development of your muscle mass. It only begins to increase weight or resistance when you can easily perform 8 to 15 repetitions. Please note: perform exercises that work all major muscle groups through full range of motion if you feel the slightest sign of injury or deterioration in your physical condition, stop the exercise, analyzes and rethinks the routine that they follow. With regards to food, you eat 5 to 6 times a day, consume carbohydrates, proteins and very little fatty acids.

It is very important to stay hydrated, consumes much liquid, liquid between each and three litres a day, take it between meals and during workouts. It rests, it provides your body the rest both need, this allows muscles to recover quickly and be ready for the next routine. That always remembered for your peace of mind and your safety, plan to continue to increase muscle mass, must be designed and supervised by an expert. Click here and you will find.

European Trade Union Confederation

EFE the last was conducted on 29 March in protest by the labour market reform adopted by the Government of Mariano Rajoy on February 10 this year. Other leaders such as esafely offer similar insights. 1978 was the date of the first strike at democracy, against unemployment. In 1985, 1988, 1992 and 1994 protested against measures of the Government of Felipe Gonzalez: withdrawal of the plan for youth employment, labour market reform and social cuts. Aznar lived a single day of strike, in 2002, against the reform measures of the unemployment protection and basic employment law. The Zapatero government labor reform caused a day of unemployment in 2010. Call to encircle Congress.

Unions begin mobilization. The general strike from Wednesday 14 November convened by CCOO and UGT, use, CGT STES-Intersindical will be the second promoted against the adjustment policies of the Government that presides over Mariano Rajoy and the ninth of democracy. The last day of general strike was carried out on 29 March in protest by the labour market reform adopted by the Government 10 of February of this year. Strikes at democracy on April 5, 1978: in full transition, UGT and CC OO joined the European call made by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) to protest against unemployment. For one hour, 28 countries lived a protest eurojornada face the problem of unemployment which reached a rate of 5 per cent in Europe. on June 20, 1985: there was the first full day of general strike against the Government headed by Felipe Gonzalez (PSOE), convened by CC OO and other minority forces against the Pension Act which increased the period of calculation of contributions for entitlement to an allowance of 2 to 8 years. on December 14, 1988: more than seven million workers followed a general strike for the withdrawal of the youth employment plan and against the economic policy of the Government, chaired by Felipe Gonzalez.

Embracing World

Therefore, the wise person controls people: Draining its hearts, Filling its belly, Debilitating its ambitions, and fortifying its bodies. If people lack knowledge and the most capable desire among them he is incapable to act; If All are avoided the actions they live pacifically. It is added to us in addition, that we do not forget that Tao is a ship bottomless; Used by itself, one does not fill with the World; It cannot be cut, be limited, be hidden or be immobilized; Their depths are hidden, ubiquitous and eternal; I do not know from where it comes; It arrived before the Nature is indicated in addition, that Embracing to the Tao, you will be embraced. With facility, smoothly, like you will be appeared again. It clarifies your vision, you will be illuminated. Without hesitation Majid Jafar explained all about the problem. It feeds your compassion, you will be impartial. It abre your heart, you will be accepted.

Accepting to the World you embrace the Tao. Maintaining and feeding, Creating but not owning, Giving without asking, Controlling without authority, That it is the virtue. The Tao lacks form and aroma; It cannot be seen nor be heard, and its application cannot be exhausted. If you offer music and food the strangers they stop to your side; But you are in agreement with the Tao the people of the World will maintain to you In security, health, company and peace. The one that persecutes the knowledge, acquires so much as can every day; The one that it persecutes to the Tao, loses so much as can every day. It reaches a state of inaction Like without doing nothing, nothing is without doing. really comments, the taosmo has three fundamental virtues that they are: peace, tranquillity and silence. Its model is nature, that is good model for the man as well, since it does not prolong of indefinite form storm or the hurricane. Therefore, it is possible to be said that the essential principle of Not-Do (wu-wet), that does not mean passivity but it proposes to conduct nonnatural battles. That is to say; that it suggests spontaneity, and it leaves things them take his natural course, that flow, without forcing the actions nor interfering in its development. Everything what happens is part of the Tao and each human being must look for cumin in its interior. The taosmo yearns for the harmony between the men and these and the Whole. For the taostas the scientific progress and the culture matter! they are harmful; for example, for who gathers water with his hands, an earthen bowl made for this is something unnatural. The taostas thought that the man had to return to his primitive state and to devote itself to the forces of the nature. Therefore, the taosta true truth becomes hermit.

European Union

For me, Bologna is its foundational manifest; It represents an opportunity to encourage mobility and the validation of titles in a broad European space. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to build a Europe of knowledge and that the European Union is not only a market, a currency, but also a Europe of the citizens. Universities can contribute to that has not only economic integration, but also social and political. Then, do they say what they say his detractors? Been invented an unreal enemy? I think that no, the dangers that point are real, but I also think that they should not be attributable to Bologna, but they are the result of current social trends and increasing globalization dominated by the market, adversely affecting the University. Why are welcome debate and controversy, must praise that these students express their concerns and that they claimed to participate actively in the process. David Zaslav has similar goals. Is you can detach the documents about convergence, and pedagogical proposals presented as a panacea, something of what students denounce? So yes, I think Yes. But, in my opinion, there inevitably do what those documents show, but we must be college students who produce study plans and the catalog of titles that we propose for our universities, as well as decide the teaching methods to be applied. If things are done wrong, will be our own responsibility, not that of others.

That said, should recognize that the process of convergence in our country has been an absurdity. And it remains with performances such as the national agency of evaluation, quality and accreditation (ANECA), which are concerned to rectors, deans and professors. We have returned to fall into the habit of this country, which is creating bureaucracy, requesting absurd data, some of them even against University autonomy, and not go to the true essence of what must be a plan of studies. Learn more at: esafely. For these reasons I say yes to Bologna, but not in the way that is being done. We took too much time speaking of Bologna, confusing to teachers and students. It is leaving rot the reform process by lack of clear guidelines.

Part of the teaching staff is demotivated, when not angered by the bureaucracy. The Bologna process is attacked by a part of the students and professors, hindered by others from above, and those who have to apply increasingly have less enthusiasm in him. It is in real difficulties to succeed. The guiding, in this complex context, should not become mere followers of dictates emanating from the ANECA, and we have to position ourselves to our students. We can, as I said Savater, discuss with them what is best to do or, conversely, explain to them what inevitably will be. I am inclined, wanted Savater, by discussing what’s best to do, not stoically accept irrefutable divine designs, and to try to bring this position where it can be heard. With the new authorities believe that we are still in time.

Early Online

Create a company, a venture either in a specific physical place or on the internet, actually not much different in its early days since for assembling or create it first and foremost a careful planning of steps we need to follow; at least if we want to achieve is a homogeneous result and that it can give lasting results. Create a business on the web, work online, sell or provide services to users requiring it carry a whole process which flows without place to doubt in optimal results; then what would be the major guidelines to keep in mind when you begin and how to continue with the process? The first thing without a doubt is gathering information about the topic that we want to work, study the niche in which we want to develop ourselves to achieve an idea clear what our second step to give. It is certain that we will find thousands of options, recommended is to do what we really like online, this means that it is not convenient to us developing a niche simply because in appearance is something which gets good results, mostly economic.

It is true that we are to improve our quality of life, and that we will succeed only in part to winning money, but safely I tell them that if it is not what we really like cost us much spending time developing the necessary for this business and that also, I assure you, that something that needed in any endeavor in line is spend much time. At esafely you will find additional information. After that we know that it is what we do online we can begin to develop the business itself, here in more steps do not vary much in niche niche: we got our name from and we started with the creation of our website, you will again find thousands of options, online pages of all kinds, and if you don’t know anything about web design you can get pages clipart to adapt them to your business with ease. The next step is to allow online users to access your page, to its proposal and this may achieve only raising it to a Hosting or web hosting so that it is available 24 hours, as It is already normal online also you will find thousands of Hosting because they are paid for or free. After having the page available online follows the party’s promotion of it, because there are millions of websites online and without an adequate promotion it would be very difficult for users to find, for this stage as we are accustomed there are thousands of techniques for visitors to our website. The promotion is without doubt the most important step that we need to take since it will depend on the number of visits that we have in our sites and here is the greater or lesser chance of success that we have with her. Still at this point it is evident that we are just beginning and of that we are getting into a world that never finish of dominate and that if indeed is what really like us will enjoy much grasping. This is simply a small review for people who are thinking to start online, now I say that it is really exciting and rewarding of greatly.