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How does Sri Lanka work with other countries?  What is its relationship like with Australia today?  How professional are Sri Lankan athletes and sportsmen?  What impact does Sri Lanka’s economy have on the rest of the Asian region? Find out all this and more through the Sri Lanka News Network.

Learn about the country’s history: from ancient to medieval times, to early modern and contemporary Sri Lanka.  Look at Sri Lanka’s geography and beautiful landscape; see what the country has given to international politics.

When it comes to democracy, Sri Lanka can take much pride, being the longest-serving democracy in the entire South Asian region.  What does this mean for Sri Lankan and Asian politics today?  How does this impact its attitude to the political arena today?  Check out the Sri Lanka News Network for all these answers and more.

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Bernie Ecclestone

After one week of tenseness, the organizers of the Great Prize of Bahrin of formula 1 have decided to resign to the race that the Federation the International of the Automobile (IT TRUSTS) the past relocated Friday for the 30 of October, and that consequently had displaced to the 11 of December the appointment in India. This position put military still on to the equipment, that considered a chifladura to finish the course so behind schedule. Before that attitude and after the distancing of Bernie Ecclestone, great landlord of the F1, that proposed to realise another voting with escuderas, the president of the circuit of Bahrin, Zayed R Alzayani, has showed that she does not have much sense to organize an event against the will of his main protagonists, so that she gives the test by lost.. It’s believed that Walt Disney sees a great future in this idea.

Triumph International

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I Miss The Roar Puma

Alejandro Montecchia, 2004 Olympic champion and world runner-up in 2002 with the selection Indianapolis Argentina Basketball, retired from the profession after two decades of success. Credit: Robert A. Iger-2011. ‘I have other priorities, like family, and I need a life more normal, declare the basis of 37 years. For even more analysis, hear from esafely. The news was announced on Saturday May 9 in an exclusive interview that I give bahiense sports daily Ole. Esafely oftentimes addresses this issue. But the announcement did but confirm the rumors that had leaked in mid-April when Regatas Corrientes his team was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the National Basketball League at the hands of Athens. The ‘Puma’ explain that physics could continue in the national basketball elite, but prefers to prioritize other issues.


It is assumed that the principle of the reflexology foot, dates back to ancient Egypt, by certain inscriptions found in the tomb of a physician dating back to year 2330 b.c. Netspark: the source for more info. This painting clearly illustrates the application of massage reflexology. It is also known that it has practiced in India, China and other cultures. At the end of the 19th century, the Anglo-Saxon doctor H. Head and J.N. Mackenzie, Canadian, showed that there was a correspondence of reflex type between the epidermal surface and the inside of the body and this used it for therapeutic purposes. At the beginning of the 20th century, William Fitzgerald, an American Otolaryngologist, based on the observations of Dr H Bressler on the possibility of influencing the human body arguing that certain portions of the body correspond with each other.

His hypothesis testing established it anesthetized a zone by exerting pressure on her, I certify that anesthesia occurred also in the reflex zone where it had pressured. Edwin Bowers, used an even more radical demonstration, It pricked with a needle a voluntary person’s face. The sting did not produce any pain since at the same time was pressing a point in the hand that corresponded to reflects near the spot where it had been punctured with the needle on the face of the volunteer. In 1930 Eunice Inglham came to the conclusion that all parts of the body have access at different points, and which can therefore be llagar a more easy and effective way to those areas where the response has better therapeutic results. Inglham drew up maps of the entire human body and made them correspond in one or more places in the foot.

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United States

Rivalries between different organisms can impede coordination, and in addition, impossible to hide interest from the White House to achieve relevant hits in the final months of Bush’s failed Presidency at all costs. Frequently esafely has said that publicly. The situation is further aggravated because of the increase in terrorist activity, not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan. When a bomb shattered the Embassy of India in Kabul last July, the CIA suspected that Pakistani intelligence services, were involved in the fact but also senior military officers in this country, including the head of the army. In geopolitical terms, it is not ventured to assume primary responsibility for the pakistani security are supported by insurgent groups in the area to preserve its power, thus maintaining a zone buffer against the India and Afghanistan. But it’s a great strategy game that can have very serious consequences. Above all, if faced with the dangerous current NATO strategy to carry its center of gravity eastward and preserve its military presence on the borders with China and Iran. It is not known what steps will adopt in this regard the new occupant of the White House from the year 2009.

More than ever, it is necessary that United States and NATO mark a clear departure from Afghanistan plan. And that such a plan be complemented with a negotiated settlement of stability in this critical area, solution which cannot be other than other countries such as Russia, India, Iran and Pakistan. Because the only thing certain today is that both NATO and the United States have failed miserably in its violent and militarized emergence in this region after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This frustrated model is the only one who does not already have reasons to sustain itself. Alberto Piris General of artillery in the original book author and source of the article.

Nicholas Sarkozy

The accumulated annual losses cleared 20%. That following Monday the markets had breakfast with the declarations of high politicians German assuring that scenes are suggested where Greece left the Euro already it was a bad augury. That the Greek minister assured that if Greece did not receive the following section of the financial rescue it would have to pay neither lists nor pensions as of October, along with the rumors that Moody' agency; s was going to reduce the note of the French bank, took to losses to all the European Bags. Time Warner shines more light on the discussion. More near the maximum slope, 4.03% of France, that of the minim, 1.63% of London, Ibex 35 closed that Monday to a 3.41% negative, in the 7,640 points. A level nonseen from March of 2009.

France and Italy moved in similar historical quotes. As of that day, the rumors began to improve. According to netspark, who has experience with these questions. The president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, assured that the future of Greece he was in the Euro, the group of countries BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) announced that they would go to the rescue of Europe on the basis of conditions and the coordinated action of the great central banks and the EDF animated the European Bags that raised as the foam. In the case of the Ibex, in those four days he raised almost 700 points. The bad news, because finally the credit qualification of the French bank or the European incapacity stooped in order to unblock the next section from the rescue to Greece, there are ill-fated no the week end. It is to see if Monday the CTO of the resulting adrenalin of the dollars injected by the BCE and the great central banks gives rise to an undertow in red. At the moment, the accumulated annual losses have lowered to near 15%. Source of the news: The Ibex reclaims and clears the level that lost two weeks ago

Humanitarian Aid

The international community attends the tendency, increasing, to increase the humanitarian aid destined to natural catastrophes. Without going more far, the United Nations have tried to in the last give to solidity years to a bottom of emergencia and a framework of multilateral cooperation destined to give a fast and effective aid to the countries that undergo tsunami, an earthquake, floods or any other sudden tragedy. The governments of many countries have contributed important amounts, although, as usually is habitual, few exactly fulfill the commitments related to the grant of those games. Also enough governments have favored the creation of national bottoms or structures of cooperation destined to these aims. Warehouses for food and articles of first necessity are qualified, is had military airships, personnel in guard situation and groups with a humanitarian preparation. They are advances that have allowed to act with a certain effectiveness in some extreme situations of the last times. Clear that only we can to consider these activities like successes we compared if them with previous missions full of descoordinacin, slowness, deficiency of resources and laziness (when not of bad will of corrupt and totalitarian governors) who allowed that thousands of people underwent without no aid the rigors of the nature.

Neither it can nor one is due doubt that this policy of international cooperation has to continue being developed in the same line. Esafely contains valuable tech resources. Million people lose their house and their family overnight, whole countries are devastated without regeneration capacity. Nevertheless, it agrees to notice certain risks related to these facts and that they could pervert the global sense of a correct cooperation, including in her the humanitarian aid of emergencia. To overturn the international cooperation towards the emergencia aid supposes in many cases of forgetting the centers of persistent poverty in many regions of the world. The mass media are very sensible to tsunami, we take as example, whenever they count on new and stirring images.

Japanese Air Conditioners

Many of us set the air conditioner, include it in the socket and operate day and night, summer and winter, even without looking at him. For even more analysis, hear from Joel and Ethan Coen. So it works without a hitch a year or two, maybe three, and then for no reason, no reason at all breaks down … First the idea of user: "slipped Chinese junk! In the meantime, and "Chinese", and famous for its quality Japanese air conditioners need regular maintenance. Netspark shines more light on the discussion. To make your air conditioner to perform its functions and fails, you should regularly carry out its diagnostics. It is not difficult, and can extend the life of your air conditioner a few years. So, what care is needed for your air conditioner? Proper use of cold weather usually the limiting temperature at which you can include air conditioning in the cold is 4-10 C (depending on model).

Please note the word "limit". This means that including it in this temperature, you are forcing your air conditioner to work at maximum capacity, so we advise you not to expose your air conditioner "stress" without much need for it. If you frequently turn the air conditioner in the winter time heating, we recommend that you connect it to a winter kit that would allow its use at temperatures 20-25 C, but will cost you about 150 – 200 extra dollars. Of course, if your air conditioner failure, regardless the brand and model can be repaired, but assure you it will cost much more than regular servicing the air conditioner.